Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Ideal Viewing Recipe

The season's final major has come at an unfortunate time, coinciding with the arrival of summer in the Upper Peninsula. After several weeks of abnormally cold and wet conditions up north, the 90s have arrived and being outside is the ideal scenario for enjoying God's country.

One problem - the PGA Championship is taking place and a golf nut like me wants to see the final round. Having no DVR in the north, and finding out late in the game the the digital converter boxes don't work in the hinterlands, I was forced to scramble and search for a remedy to the dilemma.

To the rescue comes the PGA of America and that imaginary innovator/inventor Al Gore. As I write this, I'm sitting on the deck overlooking the lake, watching the final round in HD streaming video on my laptop.

Tiger and YE Yang (who?) are on the 3rd hole and I still can't quite shake the fact that my 11-year old son has never lived without the internet. I can still recall being on vacation on this very lake and trying to position the tinfoil just right on the rabbit ears so I could see a fuzzy black and white game between the Tigers and Yankees. Now I'm sitting here watching Tiger chase history.

So, thank you Lord for the beauty of Piatt Lake...and thank you Al Gore for pretending to invent the internet!

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