Saturday, July 18, 2009

Turning Back The Clock

Every once in a while, someone not named Tiger does something so special in golf that it brings even marginal fans running to the TV. It appears to be Tom Watson's turn to play the role of hero for the AARP crowd and everyone who loves the game.

To me, the most baffling aspect of his wonderful Open Championship run through 54 holes is not that someone his age is playing so well, it's the remarkable and undeniable way his game seems to be so perfectly suited for links play. Tom Watson is a savant when it comes to managing rough conditions, flighting his ball as winds dictate, and hoping for rain, gnarly fescue rough, and the chance to skirt the edges of bunkers that reach down to the depths of daylight.

I'm amazed and stunned by what he has done heading into the final round and hope he keeps it all together on Sunday. It may only require an even par round for our Huck Finn, Sr. lookalike to bring home yet another Claret Jug and the biggest headline in golf history.

Age, wisdom, excellence. A winning combination that is saving the day for ABC and making everyone forget about the absence of what's his name.

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