Friday, July 31, 2009

Welcome to the Tiger Vortex

It's unlike anything I've seen before, except I've seen it before. Wherever Tiger goes, the legions follow. If he sneezes there are two thousand "bless you" wishes. If he whispers a joke to Stevie, people who were nowhere nearby feign a laugh. And when he walk near a crowd, every single fan is certain he'll stop and sign and chat and perhaps come over for dinner.

This week at Warwick Hills, the most famous athlete on the planet is stirring crowds not just with his presence, but also with his stellar round 2 play - a 9=under par round of 63 to move from 95th place to 3rd.

It was a clinic in how to adjust from an opening 71 and another chapter in Tiger's legendary legacy in Grand Blanc. Let's just hope it's not the final chapter in the book.

On a perfect Friday at the Buick, this tournament is looking for a savior in the form of a corporation flush with cash and not afraid to flip the bird to Barney Frank and his bizarre liberal minions who think any form of corporate entertainment and charitable effort not born of gov't largesse, is a colossal waste.

I nominate Tiger and his foundation. Anyone second that motion?

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versatilepepper said...

I second, third and forth your motion! The Buick Open has done much for Tiger…And Thank You Tiger for giving back not only to Buick, but to Michigan as well. We needed you.

It is not surprising that Tiger is such an icon to golf fans world wide. He will be the only billionaire sports figure in our history. It is obvious his talent for the game, but how many athletes in his realm maintain such a great sense of honesty, respect and overall class (unlike the whinny Garcia and train wreck Daly?) We owe nothing to Tiger…he doesn’t ask what the world owes him; unlike so many other athletes. If anything, he is his own worst critic. Never would I have dreamed that a mere 50 feet away, I would experience a 33ft birdie putt LIVE from such a man.

I had the pleasure of camping out on the 17th all day Saturday and got to watch each and every pair come thru. It is worth noting that I have found an unrealized respect for Woody Austin. This is a man who truly enjoys his fans. He took off his hat, bowed and raised his arms to each and every angle of the crowd. It was a great moment & feeling to experience.

For three plus days, Michigan was able to set aside its depressing economy, allow new and old golf fans who I am sure are a even mix of broke to wealthy; employed and not employed; and partake in the experience of Tiger Woods winning the 2009 Buick Open. Maybe now it shows potential sponsors that yes, a Michigan PGA golf tournament IS a wise investment. Shame on you Barney Frank….care to show us all the perks/sponsorships/gimmies you have taken over your political career? Have any of them helped the US economy??

Thank you Buick, Tiger and ALL the other golfers for entertaining us and boosting our spirits here in MI.