Sunday, May 24, 2009

Helping The Troops Through Golf

It's Memorial Day 2009 and we come to that somewhat uncomfortable position of trying to pretend golf really matters on a day like this when we all know it really doesn't in the grand scheme of things. It can't possibly matter when compared to the selfless sacrifice made by so many who serve our nation around the world, giving their lives and limbs to provide the very freedom that allows us to 3-putt and then whine about it as if the entire world hangs in the balance of our double bogey.

On Saturday's edition of MGL Radio, I interview Major Ed Pulido (pictured with me at last year's Ryder Cup) from the Folds of Honor Foundation. Ed lost a leg in battle and serves as an inspiration to everyone who has the honor of meeting him.

This charity is part of Patriot Golf Day and works tirelessly to support the families of those who have fallen. Much of the support for FOH comes from the world of golf and to me the ONLY way to truly thank our troops and their families through golf is for each one of us to take part in hosting or playing in a fund raiser for them.

Please treat this Memorial Day as more than just a free Monday. Please treat it as more than an excuse to eat a brat or huge burger. Please realize the sacrifices behind the day and do something special to honor the fallen. And if you can do it through golf, all the better.

Thank you to those who served...and those who still bravely represent this nation.

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