Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Sounds of Golf in the Morning

I am not a morning person, to say the least. If the Lord wanted us to see the sunrise, I believe he would have put it at noon. Having said that, there is something wonderfully special about being at a golf course as the sun starts its day and the birds wake up with their distinctive sounds. As I write this, my broadcast location for this morning's edition of MGL Radio is just outside the clubhouse at The Emerald in St John's.

It's a friendly, down to earth course where the vehicles in the parking lot aren't as important as the friends that meet here for their Saturday morning game...where the course offers a stout challenge, especially when you get to the Tour quality greens that are rolling somewhere between 11 and 12 on the Stimp. Better be sharp with the flat stick or your fine ball striking that got you to the dance floor will be quickly forgotten.

We're on the air in 30 minutes with a live broadcast from The Emerald...a place I would strongly encourage you to put on your schedule this season!


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