Thursday, May 21, 2009

MGL's Breathtaking Trip To New Mexico

Looking for the golf experience of a lifetime? The MGL team just returned from an amazing trip to New Mexico where we (Bill and Matt) joined golf writers from across the nation for 3 days of golf at Black Mesa Golf Club and lodging at Ojo Caliente Resort & Spa.

At the risk of gushing too much, it seemed like every vista on the Black Mesa layout was taken straight from a Successories poster. Most of the scenes etched in my mind need to be captioned with "Strive for Success" or some other motivational them, since every swing was greeted by a knee-knocking demand for accuracy and the challenge of maintaining focus in the face of such tremendous beauty surrounding in 360 degree panaroma.

It's not often a shot missing the fairway is greeted by a sign warning of "Rattlesnake Hazard," but I imagine if midwest golfers were confronted by warnings like that more often, we might spend more time on the practice tee in an effort to avoid making a cameo on Discovery Channel's "Snakebitten At The Turn."
Suffice to say, the Black Mesa Golf Course was wonderful and even though my scores escalated each day (poor putting knows no time zones), it was a treat to play the same course all 3 days of our trip because Black Mesa offered a different challenge every round.

As for our lodging, Ojo Caliente is unlike any resort/spa I have ever visited. Steeped in history and holding fast to the thought that healing can be found in natural springs, Ojo offers a most unique experience in a rustic, adobe-themed historic site. Visiting their website is the best way to get a feel for the place because my words will come up short of truly portraying how wonderful Ojo is.

Add to the mix an amazing tour of the Puye Cliffs, where we saw the cave homes of Native Americans and learned more about the rich history of the area during a one hour tour than I did in all my years of school, and golfers looking for a unique trip need to shake out of the Myrtle Beach/Disney/North Carolina itineraries so commonly chosen by default...and instead book your flight to New Mexico!


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