Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Walking vs. Riding

Even with all the emphasis on fitness in our society, it seems to me like more and more golfers hunker down for a 4-hour cart ride instead of trying the game on foot. I recently received an amazing product from TaylorMade - a full size carry bag that weighed in at under 4 pounds.

Along with the technological breakthroughs in what used to be cumbersome golf bags that made walking a feat of Herculean strength, footwear is now better than ever and makes the 4+ mile trek quite comfortable.

On those occasions when a cart is inevitable (sometimes even required), try your best to be the "passenger" and walk from tee to green. Not only will the exercise be beneficial, I believe it helps your game maintain a better rhythm and allows you a better feel for the course itself.

So, here's the challenge to all who have been velcroed to their cart seats for years - try 3 rounds where you walk. Don't want to carry the bag? No problem! The newest pull carts are fantastic and will vaporize the entire excuse of "I don't want to lug that heavy bag around."

Let me know how you do after those 3 rounds...enjoy!

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