Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nice Guys Can Finish 1st

Every week on Tour, a giant novelty check is cashed by the champion. Sometimes, the champ is a chump (hello VJ Singh who, after winning the Buick Open a few years back, refused to greet the event's volunteers at their post-tourney appreciation party). More often than not, however, I'm encouraged to see a good guy win the trophy.

This week's Crowne Plaza Invitational winner is not exception, as Steve Stricker went extra holes to claim the title. For a top flight player to stay true to his snowbelt (Wisconsin) roots, develop his game by hitting from a shed into the snow throughout winter, and maintain a very humble demeanor throughout his stellar career - I find it all quite impressive.

Way to go Strick the Stick - may you enjoy many more! (too bad about the jacket, but you can't have the check AND fashion all at once)

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