Monday, June 1, 2009

3 Golfers and a Hack

You know the old joke that first prize is 2 Detroit Lions tickets...and 2nd prize is 4 Lion tickets? Well, there are 3 guys kicking around metro Detroit right now probably wondering what they did wrong to deserve 4 hours in the company of yours truly. Let me explain...

Mike Retford is a generous man who bid on an auction item offered during a charity auction by one of the MGL Radio affiliates. The item he bid on and won was donated by the kinds folks at Zehnders of Frankenmuth - golf at The Fortress and dinner at Zehnders. If the winning bidder was looking for additional fun in the package, I volunteered to come along and play The Fortress. (I know, what a magnanimous gesture on my part, being willing to play a championship course 20 minutes from my home).

It was at this point that Mike made a decision he will not likely get over anytime soon. He called and extended the invitation for me to come along and join the fun. Little did he know, I am currently in a funk where my scores are climbing as fast as GM stock is falling.

We teed off in a steady drizzle, thus providing me with an excellent excuse for poor play. But when the rains gave way to a dry sky, I had nowhere to hide. I tried offering up my recent back surgery, but it's hard to make the case that an April out-patient surgery is causing me to 3-putt repeatedly.

As Mike and I teamed up for a match against his buds Frank Gariza and Dave Humphreys, I noticed at the turn that Mike's posture was beginning to sag a bit. From carrying my sorry rear end on every hole. Every hole. All of them. It was a 2-on-1 competition where all I could do was drive the cart.

Somehow as we neared the conclusion of the round, I got my turn to pitch in a little bit with pars on 17 and 18 and there was no blood drawn on either side.

As always, The Fortress was in fantastic shape. One of these days, I hope my game will be as well.

Thanks for the invitation, Mike! Bet you won't make that mistake again!

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