Friday, June 5, 2009

Gullible Golfers Beware!

One of the more interesting sides of being involved in golf media is the opportunity to try out various products that are soon to be hitting the shelves in your favorite pro shop. I often receive clubs, gadgets, and other inventions that are in need of attention. The companies that send the products are hoping for exposure on MGL Radio or TV. But sometimes, that exposure can backfire.

Enter, the Bug Band. This little bracelet is "guaranteed to keep the bugs away" during your next round. Anyone who plays golf in Michigan has had to fight off the swarms of gnats, mosquitoes, black flies, and numerous other forms of biblical pestilence that can distract from an otherwise beautiful day and great course.

Only one problem. The Bug Band doesn't work. My daughter and I are in the Upper Peninsula, where I will be broadcasting this weekend's MGL Radio show. (For those who don't know, the UP is home to one of the state's best courses - Wild Bluff - and I'm looking forward to the show.) Here in "God's Country," the mosquito is considered the state bird. They're huge, aggressive, and blood-thirsty weasels!

So, we went for a walk around the lake where our summer home is located. It was our official Bug Band field test. At first, the breezy conditions kept the bugs away and made me think the product was quite effective. I was wrong. When things calmed down, I could swear I heard a bugle and a tiny voice yelling "Charge!" They came from every direction and attacked every possible piece of flesh not covered.

And then came the worst part. All of the bugs stopped in mid flight, paused in mid-air, and broke into uproarious laughter at the site of the Bug Bands we were wearing.

Friends, when you seek a cure for the bug battles during your next round, don't waste your $$$ on the Bug Band. You have been duly warned.


Anonymous said...

Dear Bill,

I saw your blog post “Gullible Golfers Beware,” and had to respond. I feel that you did your readers a disservice by instantly dismissing BugBand on the basis of your single experience during a walk around a heavily infested lake, and I’d like to offer a few clarifications I hope you’ll consider:

· BugBand wristbands are designed for lighter-duty insect protection. For heavy-duty situations, such as the one you described, BugBand towelettes and pump spray are a much more effective option because they’re applied directly to the skin. On most golf courses, BugBand wristbands do a phenomenal job of keeping biting insects away.

· BugBand makes no claim that its products are “guaranteed to keep bugs away on your next round,” despite the fact that independent testing by the University of Florida has proven BugBand to be an effective alternative to DEET-based repellents.

· In addition to several independent tests, hundreds of journalists have put BugBand through its paces over the past few years -- on golf courses, in the deep woods and in the backyard -- and the results are nearly unanimous: BugBand works, and it works extremely well. Many media outlets have been especially surprised at its efficacy because it’s a naturally derived product, which often don’t work nearly as well as they claim – or at all.

Certainly everyone’s entitled to his opinion, but I felt your post was inaccurate and unnecessarily mean-spirited. I think you owe it to your readers to test BugBand’s wristband on the course, or BugBand’s pump spray and towelettes the next time you visit your lake place. I’d be happy to send samples any time.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

Brian B
for BugBand

Matt said...

This response is hilarious, I love how the BugBand guy is trying to push other products on you since the first one didn't work. As far as your original post, you aren't mean spirited at all, in fact it made me laugh. Next, we all know the best product is Deep Woods Off, how's that for a product plug. Anyway, mosquitos suck, it is a small hazard of being outdoors and a small price to pay to play golf.