Sunday, June 21, 2009

Island Time

What a privilege it is to be writing this from the unbeatable setting of the historic front porch at Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. For the uninitiated, Mackinac Island was the setting for the movie "Somewhere in Time," and is a marvelous destination where no motor driven vehicles are allowed on the island. If I could insert the sounds of horses clip-clopping, that would be the soundtrack for the scene I'm enjoying on this Father's Day.

In an hour, I'll welcome over 100 golfers from around the nation to the 4th Annual MGL Grand Golf Getaway, a wonderful time of golf and fun at America's Summer Place - Grand Hotel. With the two nines separated by a 30-minute horse-drawn carriage ride, the Grand offers an experience unlike any course in the nation.

Better yet, the Grand is still owned and operated by a family. Not a corporate giant in need of a bailout. This place is in the wonderful hands of the Mussers, and their caring touches are evident throughout the historic hotel.

Please allow me to encourage you - the next time you head to Mackinac Island - to bring your clubs along and try your game out on the Jewel...and bring along a camera. I guarantee you'll need it.

Welcome to the Grand Hotel - and the MGL Grand Golf Getaway!

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