Saturday, June 13, 2009

JD Turning It Around?

You have to search long and hard to find any true golf fan who doesn't fear for the future of John Daly. Most of the people I talk to are bracing themselves for the day we all see the "breaking news" ticker at the bottom of the screen bearing confirmation of those fears in some sort of Belushi/Farley-like ending for JD.

None of us wants to see it happen but it's sort of like April 15th - whether you want the day to come or not is really not in our hands. Unless something drastic happens, the day WILL come.

That's why I find it so encouraging to see JD returning to the PGA Tour and making the cut in Memphis. Just being able to stick around for the weekend after being banished to the Island of Misfits is huge for the big fella, and whether you appreciate John's lifestyle choices or not, everyone has to be glad he will taste even a moderate amount of success and affirmation as he looks to turn things around.

Here's what I know - JD is a good hearted bloke who has made a long string of poor decisions about himself, relationships, behavior, etc. The list is known to all and not well concealed. But he also possesses an unusually attractive quality for the "everyman" golfer and we want to see JD do well.

So, good work, John. Congrats on sticking around for the weekend. Let this serve as a starting point and not as a conclusion to the recovery process that has years still to come.

Oh, and one more thing - Barnum and Bailey called. They'd like the clown pants returned.

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