Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When Golf Matters

For every club you've thrown, profanity uttered, or head-scratching moment you've experienced in golf, please remember that even the dumbest of triple bogeys (from 80 yards out in the middle of the fairway) pale in comparison to the heroic sacrifices being made on a daily basis by our Armed Forces.

I don't intend this post to be one of those "when I was a kid, we knew what pain was!" rants. Instead, I want to point out what a powerful role the wonderful game of golf can play in helping the families of those soldiers who have given their all so we could play golf free from the fear of being bombed (middle East), beaten (Iran), etc.

This Saturday, we're broadcasting MGL Radio from Grand Haven Golf Club. This beautiful course is not only an ideal setting for golf, it's also the birthplace of Major Dan Rooney's brainchild, Patriot Golf Day.

Now a national campaign involving hundreds of courses, Patriot Golf Day got its start in a very moving way. Major Rooney was on a plane and witnessed the homecoming of a flag-draped coffin and the family of the soldier there to meet it. It broke his heart and spurred him to action.

Last year, millions of dollars were raised from the generous donations of golfers across the nation. Families were helped with their expenses and reminded that the sacrifice of their loved ones was not made without the gratitude of a grateful country.

This July 4th weekend, my hope is that you will have a wonderful time celebrating this nation, our freedoms (which seem to be shrinking daily, but that's for another time), and the men and women who fought on our behalf.

I hope you'll listen to our interview with Major Rooney...true American hero.

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